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MOLRAK: A Million Gallons of Acid, Straight into the Eyes

the goggles do nothing

My name is Nik. On the road of life, I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque (but I've since made my way back). I went to college to study animation, but ended up learning about graphic design and the visual arts somewhere along the way. I graduated in the Spring of 2007. I live in a small town in eastern Iowa (or as we call it Iowa, a city).

Did I mention that I like pie?
This is my web.
nikehm.com, my portfolio website.
My Flickr page has some artwork and photos on it.
deviantArt, where I post some of my junk.
molrak.com, my public blog.
molrak.org redirects to my livejournal.
Digg page.
Wikipedia page.
amazon wishlist.
This is my music:
42, achewood, adventure games, amy poehler, andy richter, animation, anime, aqua teen hunger force, army of darkness, bach, baldur's gate, baseball, batman, beck, beer, beethoven, bender bending rodriguez, billy west, bioware, black books, bloodhound gang, blues, blues brothers, brian jacques, bruce campbell, bruce lee, calvin and hobbes, chicago bears, chicago cubs, comics, conan o'brien, cowboy bebop, da bears, danny elfman, dave attell, dc, design, dj riko, doctor thirteen, douglas adams, duct tape, dvds, evil dead, festivus, final fantasy, flash, flcl, flying spaghetti monster, football, foreigner, futurama, graphic design, greg the bunny, grim fandango, harry potter, hating ben stiller, hating everything you like, he-man, hermione granger, howard shore, ipods, iron chef, jay and silent bob, jazz, jiminy glick, john williams, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kotor, l33t, legos, less than jake, let's bowl, lewis black, libertarianism, looney toons, lord of the rings, macs, married with children, mashups, matt groening, monkey island, monkeys, monty python, mst3k, muppets, mythbusters, neverwinter nights, ninjas, nintendo entertainment system, nobuo uematsu, nofx, office space, open source software, otis lee crenshaw, pee-wee's big adventure, penny arcade, pez, photography, photoshop, pirate ninja robots, pirates, punk, ramen noodles, red green, redwall, rich kronfeld, ricky gervais, robots, ronald reagan, sam raimi, santa claus, saucy puppet shows, scooby doo, seinfeld, sex, simon pegg, soccer, south park, space ghost, spaced, spongebob squarepants, squaresoft, star wars, stephen lynch, sudoku, superman, talking to inanimate objects, the aquabats, the far side, the flash, the kleptones, the office, the ramones, the simpsons, the sims, the tick, the venture brothers, tolkien, transformers, trigun, tv funhouse, upright citizens brigade, vagrant story, weird al, wes anderson, william shatner, wonder woman, yard gnomes, yoko kanno